Dr. Susan Love to speak at July 10th Luncheon

Contact: info@vailbreastcancerawareness.org or call 970.479.8595 to make reservations.  Luncheon will be held at the Marriott in Vail on Friday, July 10th from 11-2pm. Susan M. Love, MD, MBA has dedicated her professional life to the eradication of breast cancer. As Chief Visionary Officer of Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, she oversees an active research program […]

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Physicists and biologists are teaming up to model the intricate dance of cells in the body.

Flesh really does crawl. Crowds of cells can surge forward together, form gyrating swirls and waves, segregate into types, and send off meandering tendrils or mobile exploratory clusters. Collective cell motions are crucial for everything from embryo development to wound healing to cancer metastasis. These cell colonies seem to move in concert, almost like flocks […]


Dr. Susan Love to Speak at July 10 “Celebration of Life” Luncheon

Dr. Susan Love, regarded as one of the most trusted and respected women’s health specialists in the United states, and “founding mother “ of the breast cancer advocacy movement, will be the featured speaker at the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group’s (VBCAG) 21st Anniversary “Celebration of Life” luncheon. The annual event will be held on […]

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